I Really need advice about my Boyfriend! (HELPPP)?

Sorry, for this being such a lengthy post. I just think its vital that I explain as much as I can to you guys.So My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year.Since day one we have lived together (we moved fast). I love him so much and I know he loves me as well. We are around one other all day everyday literally and we never get sick of each other. He does really cute things... Things that put the biggest smile on my face. He is the type of love, relationship, friendship, that you only come around once. I wont go far into details but I would never find someone who would do all the cute things like he does and treat me like he does. We are like little kids.Now here's my problem. This whole relationship has been a risk for me since day one. My boyfriend lives in Oregon and I lived in Vegas. I graduated high school in 08'. I didn't start school the first semester because i wasn't sure about what i wanted to do. I met him Late October and completely fell in love with him. The first time we met I came out for 2 weeks. the second time we met I came out for a month and a week, I went home because It was January by this time and I wanted to go to school. He had no money to help me and my family refused to help me pay. I didn't have a job so i had no money saved up. I chose the irresponsible thing and decided to put school off till September. Now, September is coming up. I haven't been able to find a job. Class are already registering and I have 0 dollars. He isn't in the position to help me and my parents still refuse.If i go home he says our relationship would be over because he cannot love someone he cant have, and also because the first 2 times i went home i was a complete jerk. So he distrust me when I'm home.I really love my boyfriend. We've actually talked about getting married. We actually talk about it a lot. I don't know what to do! Here all I do is sit all day and wait for something to happen cause he works online and stuff. We never have money to go out. I have no social life and no friends. When we do go out which is once a year we hang out with his friends and they reminisce about the past so it makes me miss my friends and just shows me that I don't have anyone but him. I don't really mind for the most part because I love him so much but, sometimes it does get to me.My friends don't understand. My boyfriend doesn't understand. My family just wants me home.I want to go to school and I want a job.My boyfriend has work for me to do but it's not guaranteed that ill have enough money to go to school.So what should I do?Go for the dream? or go for my dream boat?College will be there forever right?but on the other hand I'm only 18 and your only young once so I should be having fun?I need advice so desperately that I wrote out this essay and resorted to the internet. I hope some one out there can shed some light on my problemO ya and one more thing. For some reason when I tell my boyfriend i want to go home I back out of it and say I'll stay. i know its because I don't want to lose him. But he's so calm and collective when i say i want to go home... like it doesn't faze him because he cared the other 2 times when i left and it did him no good. its like reverse physiologyor something.

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  1. slummier says:

    dont waste your life on himu really dont noe if you like himif he says you guys r over if u leave he really doesnt love youdont mess up your family life just for himyou can always be friends later.good luck

  2. behaviour says:

    Yes college will always be there, but if you find yourself still going to school at 26 – 28 years old, you’ll be kicking yourself for taking so long to get your life together. The last thing you want to do is face a situation where everyone you know has gotten their act together, and you’re just starting college trying to catch up. Whats worse is that you might even find yourself in a situation where everyone taking your courses will be years younger than you, so it would be like taking grade 12 with Grade 8 students.I also don’t understand what the question is though. My girlfriend works and goes to school at the same time. She takes 3 – 4 classes per semester and works a part time 20 hours job, so I’m not sure why you can’t do that as well. Also even though you don’t have money, all you need to do is apply for a student loan once you get in.If you’re curious about whether or not you should go home and live with your family or stay in Oregon with your BF…Do whichever option will be the best option for you to get a good education. Don’t get left behind in life because “you’re 18 and are only young once” because the bad thing about procrastination is that if you don’t go to school now you never will.I would support not going to school right away if you had a solid plan, but to me it sounds like you’re just taking the time to bum around and do nothing.