Can I get into Emerson College!? Help Me!?

Ok, so I got deferred from Emerson back in December to Regular Decision. 6 Seniors from my class applied and 5 of us were deferred (and 1 was rejected).Here are some of my "facts": GPA: 3.8AP Classes: Yes (1)Honors Classes: Yes (6)SAT: 1620Class Rank: 59/200I am in many (and I mean MANY) extra-curricular activities.Such as: Newspaper, Literary Art Magazine, Soccer, Cross Country, Campus Ministry, Pro-Life Club, and Community Outreach. (those are just a few)I also got an award for outstanding achievement in community outreach and community service!....and I am in the National Honor Society.My average grade in school is a B+ or A-.I wrote a college essay that my English teacher thought was wicked awesome, and he even read it to the class and used it as an example of a "well composed essay" when he taught his freshman classes! : DOh, and I have a job 4 days a week after school from 4-8! Why didn't any of us get in!? My school is one of those Blue Ribbon Schools, and literally is the best high school in Eastern Massachusetts (besides "FANCY" schools up in Boston! My parents pay THOUSANDS of dollars every year to send me here! Why were we ALL deferred? Is it because it is a Catholic School?Can I get in even if I was deferred!? : (

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2 Responses to “Can I get into Emerson College!? Help Me!?”

  1. basu says:

    Great GPA but really bad SAT. Suggest applying to top 50 nationally ranked colleges like Bowdoin, Holy Cross, Middlebury that don’t require the SAT. They are MUCH more prestigious than Emerson.

  2. bostonians says:

    Your SAT kind of sucks. But otherwise you’re okay.