Need Help With An English Essay! (New Journalism) URGENT!?

Ok I just wanted to know, how to write a paper using New Journalism styles. I read the book "In Cold Blood" and have to use it as a model using original research with New Journalism. I just wanted to know if im supposed to make up a story and use facts from "In Cold Blood" and the real murders or what?Thanks!

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  1. kastura says:

    I’d imagine you’d be using the facts from “In Cold Blood”. It makes more sense this way as you can use these to start your paper, rather than something like one elephant kills ten people every year or whatever.I haven’t read the book “In Cold Blood”, so I’m assuming it’s completely different to your essay’s style. If it is similar (i.e. it uses new journalism styles) then you would probably have to make up the facts but keep to the way of writing.