What does happy, unhappy, and ambiguous ending in films contribute?

Hi,I have an essay and try to gather some ideas.What does happy, unhappy, and ambiguous ending in films contribute? And how important is the ending to the overall experience, effect or ultimate meaning of the film?Thanks!

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2 Responses to “What does happy, unhappy, and ambiguous ending in films contribute?”

  1. oopod says:

    A happy ending contributes joy, hope, and depending on what kind of happy ending it is, can cause the viewers to be angry, too. Unhappy endings, of course, contributes tears, emotions like anger, sorrow, guilt, etc. Some unhappy endings might be joyful because the viewers like how it ended. Ambiguous endings despite the word are more certain because it makes the viewers think about what the ending means or how it is relevant. Also, ambiguous endings can lead to another movie. ex: grudge, grudge 2.. such things like that..hope this helps at least a little. good luck

  2. toponymics says:

    KenndyA happy ending will make the film acceptable to many people, as they want an escape and this will make them feel good and be an uplifting experience. An unhappy ending will be more thought provoking and possibly a little depressing; but for many folk that’s a ‘real’ kind of ending. An ambiguous ending is probably more challenging to work out the issues and the plot and good for discussion. The ultimate meaning of the film is a separate issue. It is irrelevant to the outcome.