In To Kill a Mockingbird how has Scout and Jem’s relationship grown closer towards the end of the book?

I'm doing an essay and I've been looking through the book and racking my mind for a specific example where Scout and Jem's relationship grows closer but I can't think of one. Please help and the page number would be helpful too! I have the book where the bird and the tree are on the cover.

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3 Responses to “In To Kill a Mockingbird how has Scout and Jem’s relationship grown closer towards the end of the book?”

  1. coerects says:

    When Jem saves her life from the psycho dude who tried to stab them but ended up stabbing himself when he tripped over tree stump.

  2. fustics says:

    As they both mature and go through the same situations of life, including the difficulties that they have to face through Atticus’s trial and the prejudice. They have pretty philosophical discussions, including the one where they talk about whether there are “4 kinds of folks in Maycomb” according to Jem, but Scout says there is only one kind. Also, Jem reveals to Scout that he thinks Boo Radley stays inside because he WANTS to, after realizing how prejudice Maycomb and the world is. hope i helped:) i love the book

  3. isparta says:

    At the end Jem and Scout try to save each other from Ewell right? Sorry it’s been a year so I might be wrong