Which tense we use ,when we are describing our past incidents or experiences during essay writing?

Generally past.Which tense did I use in the past? I wrote a paper yesterday. I watched t.v. last night. I went to elementary school in Japan.However, perfect if you wish.Which tense have I used in in the past?I have written many papers in the past.I have watched t.v. for too long.I have learned to be more careful how I speak.The shades of meaning different. Perfect tense implies more repeated action. Past gives a sense of a one time thing.There is also past progressive.I was writing a paper yesterday when I realized that I wasn't sure what tense I should use.English is complicated! Stay with past and you are probably safest until you develop your ear.

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2 Responses to “Which tense we use ,when we are describing our past incidents or experiences during essay writing?”

  1. recrystallization says:

    Perfect tense is generally acceptable.Perfect:ex) As a child, I visited a theme park with my family.It clearly indicates that the action was in the pat and is now complete.

  2. untupped says:

    you could use these: , were, was, had, it really depends on your sentence. as in if you were to say, “one time, my friends and i were at a place that (in that time) was cool ect.” hope i helped!