Teacher problems? Help o_O?

UGH I HATE HER! Okay, so I was in class, right? :) Okay, so we were supposed to write an essay. After we finished, we were supposed to give it back so she can check it. Since she was giving everyone A's I thought I'd do pretty good, right? But suddenly, she calls my name and says,"You must be kidding!" I'm like surprised,"What O_O?" The teacher's all like,"Your essay is horrible, I expect more from my magnet students!" Then I just got like pist,"What are you talking about?" The teacher;"Come on Kim, you can do better!" Now she was just mocking me! Me:"If my essay was as 'horrible' (AIR QUOTES AROUND HORRIBLE) as you say, you don't need to announce it to the whole class." That was was on Friday... today, this is what went down: We were supposed to do this packet or whatever but we couldn't write the questions so I didn't, I wrote the letter and the answer, just in case she didn't understand the letter. She gave me an F for writing the answers! I say,"Miss, why did you give me an F?" Teacher:"Letters ONLY! I have said this one million times!" Me:"No, you said you couldn't write the question."Teacher:"You should know by now what I expect!"Me:"I just wrote the answer just in case you wouldn't understand the letter."Teacher:"This is pathetic! Sit down."I wasn't going to sit down! :"MISS, can't you just give me another chance?"Teacher:" You have a detention."Me:" I HAVE AN A IN YOUR CLASS, I PAY ATTENTION EVERYDAY SO IT'S FAIR THAT I GET ANOTHER CHANCE." what the heck!?Teacher:"You shouldn't even BE in this program, now shut up or we'll discuss this in the pricipal's office." i'm SERIOUS, and THAT IS WHEN I DRAW THE LINE:"I don't care! You're not gonna do sh*t because the principal and everyone else who is a staff in this school thinks before they talk. I'm not putting up with any of your crap so you might as well take me out now, because I don't care if you're a teacher, you don't freaking (not to say the f word) tell me where I should be and where I shouldn't!" Then I just walk out! I'm I being reasonable? No I'm just telling you, it's just like, who are you to tell me I shouldn't be here! PSSHT. What do I do next time I go in her class? (They're not taking me out trust me).

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4 Responses to “Teacher problems? Help o_O?”

  1. nonas says:

    My advice is that you apologize to her. You’ll probably gain some respect back for the apology. Then you should try to ask her politely what you’re doing wrong and ask her to explain the things you don’t understand. Don’t hold a grudge on her, just try to make things better. Also, try to hold in your anger. Other than that, keep trying your hardest and just remember this school year is almost over (for most of us anyways).

  2. neutralness says:

    As a teacher it sounds to like you both messed up equally; talk about who needs to get he last word in! This was not a major situation the escalated into one. You could to go and apologise to her in private even though you don’t want to and I think a lot of it sounds like her fault. Maybe she is waiting for an opportunity to scale this battle down? I have messed up like this and did apologise even though it was bloody hard and embarrassing for me. I tried to be the adult and the professional even though I was utterly angry with the whole mess. I know you will probably hate my answer, but I have found being a peacemaker does no harm. Good Luck with this, I really mean it.

  3. creemer says:

    Hi, Buddy to say but you actually did wrong. You shouldn’t be mean to your teacher. She just wants you to do better and she know that you can. I suggest you should go and apologize to her. I am not trying to make you feel bad but you actually did wrong.

  4. basale says:

    I can see why you are upset and you have reason to be but you ARE in the magnet program so the expectation is going to be higher. I used to teach the magnet program and all of us had higher expectations of our students academically and behavior wise. I agree that your teacher should never have commented on your essay in front of the class. That was wrong on her part but your response was also not appropriate. As for the other assignment, again I understand why you are upset but again your response was combative and disrespectful. You may not like this woman or agree with her but you have no right to swear and yell at your teacher. That was stupid and immature on your part. Your response just proved what she said, that you do not belong in the program. Honestly, you need to find this teacher after school and apologize. You can let her know that you were frustrated and explain why but you also must listen to what she has to say. It is possible that she is just trying to push you. You sound like a smart girl, have you considered the possibility that this teacher expects more from you because she wants you to succeed not just in her class but in life? I would also apologize ASAP or they really may kick you out. The school I worked at had a waiting list so they did not hesitate to do so. Good luck.