Help with an essay on famous play please!?

I need as much information I can get on the Julius Caesar story. I am supposed to write an essay 500 to 1000 words. I can either take position of some issue of my choosing and argue it or i can do a character analysis of four characters or I can present a historical explanation of the culture and politics of the era. I am stumped.

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  1. lqmajor says:

    If you read the play then the character analysis would be easy. Actually you could chose theme, structure, historical importance or any other aspect of the play and write about one or more of those issues.But mostly, you have to read it first and decide which direction you want to go. No one here should be writing your paper for you.

  2. lyceum says:

    [external link] …these are the main points of his life!these are main characters involved with him/ information—–also what went on during his time..and what inventions and things were/werent invented [external link] …go to the next page of that site though.MARCUS BRUTUS IS VERY IMPORTANT!Brutus’ honorable traits and qualities contributed to his leadership and how he was viewed by Romans. Cassius had a good point when he said, “I know that virtue to be in you, Brutus, as well as I do know your outward favor. Well honor is the subject of my story.” With that comment, Cassius highlights the fact that Brutus’ intentions are honorable. Brutus also proved himself honorable when he said, “For let gods so speed me, us I love the name of honor more than I fear death.” By that Brutus meant that he would rather have the Gods speed his life up, and bring death nearer, than not be honorable. Brutus’ leadership was excellent, he proved his honor to his position by saying, “Brutus had rather be a villager, than to repute himself a son of Rome.” -Brutus Proved himself to be intellectual in many ways. Portia also highlights the fact that Brutus is intellectual when she says, “Brutus is wise and, were he not in health, he would embrace the means to come by it. Cassius obviously declared that Brutus is a respectable man when he quoted, “Brutus shall lead, and we will grace his heels with the most boldest and best hearts of Rome. During a conversation between Brutus and Cassius stated, “Sham’st o conspiracy though to show thy dangerous brow by night when evils are most free. Brutus announces himself as being intellectual when he says, “I have not known when his affections swayed more than his reason. ” Portia means even though Brutus is not well; he is still a wise man. ” This proves Brutus’ intellect because he tells the conspirators that they should not be dressing do suspicious, and that they should dress normal so they do not bring attention to themselves. -Throughout the entire play there were smart characters, but Brutus’intellect was better and more sophisticated than any ones. ” This signifies the respect that Brutus has for Antony, by not killing him. CASSIUS IS IMPORTANT TOOO!Cassius is a long-time friend of Julius Caesar but he does not like the fact that Caesar has become almost god-like to the plebeians. In the end, Cassius proves to be a man who only wanted good for himself and he would do this through unjust means. Brutus always strove for what was good but because he was naпve he often made mistakes. Mark Antony described Brutus as “the noblest of Romans”. At the funeral, Antony shows he is a very good speaker because he makes the Brutus-loving crowd turn against the conspirators. Antony is made out to be a man who has good morals and beliefs but throughout the novel you see that this may not be true. Antony is a very tricky man; he pretends to be friendly with the conspirators but actually only does it so the conspirators trust him enough to speak at the funeral. This led to his being easily controlled and manipulated, as done by Cassius to first get him into the plot. go to this know it but it has all the info you need [external link] …

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