Chemistry gcse help?

Can sum1 pls help me with these questions I would really appreciate it thanx 1.what is the balanced equation for this reaction hydrogen peroxide,H2O2,decomposes to form water and oxygen 2.explain how you know this equation is balanced N2+3H2---->2NH33.tessa mixes 2g of lead nitrate solution with 2g of potassium iodide solution.a precipitation occurs what is the total mass of the mixturex after the reaction 4.some fireproofing materials produce cO2,which can help to put out fires if they start which of these is most suitable A)calcium carbonateB)copper carbonate C) sodium carbonate D)zinc carbonate Explain how it works write detailed anwser in essay form you will get a Mark for quality of written English include equation make comparisons

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  1. autoanalytic says:

    2H2O2 –> 2H2O + O2are there equal number of moles of each element?4g – law of conservation of massXCO3 + heat –> XO + CO2the best would be Na2CO3this would produce CO2 + Na2O plus, it’s cheapest. this and K2CO3, KHCO3 and NaHCO3 are used. the copper and zinc would be too expensive plus the CuCO3 extinguishers are a mix of CuCO3 and Cu(OH)2 which, when heated, releases a toxic gas

  2. chigaku says:

    1- with balanced equations, you just need to make sure it all adds up once you’ve cut it down to its individual elements.. so with H2O2, that becomes water and oxygen, so H2O2->H2O+O2, so there are 2 hydrogens and 2 oxygens on one side, and 2 hydrogens and 3 oxygens on the other .. so you add more water so it says H2O2->2H2O+O2, so there are now 2 Hs and 2 Os on one side and 4 Hs and 4 Os on the other.. then add more H2O2 and it all balances out, 2H2O2->2H2O+O2, and now there are 4 Hs and 4 Os on one side, and 4 Hs and 4 Os on the other.. sorted2- do the same thing to test it, see if there are the same number of each element on each side.. in this case, there are 2 Ns and 6 Hs on one side, and 2 Ns and (2*3) Hs on the other, so it’s balanced3- you’d write it like Pb(NO3)2(aq)+2KI(aq)->2KNO3(aq)+PbI(s) .. the precipitate is the PbI, lead iodide, and i don’t know how you’d work out the mass of the remaining potassium nitrate solution haha .. but i hope i’ve helped you in a small way anywaynot sure about your last question neither, sorry