Help?! I have an in-class essay this week and i can’t find literary devices for ALL Quiet on The Western Front?

The three possible essay questions are, The general age gap in all quiet on the western front, psychologically that war has on a soldier(how they will return to regular life), and friendship and survival. I have to have a total of nine quotes, 3 of each literary device. I actually read this book and cant find any, i found some allusions but dont know what they mean? Please dont direct me to different websites that dont give me anything.Any help will be appreciated. thanks :)

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  1. devaporate says:

    i had to read All Quiet on the Western Front also, and there are more literary devices in the book than you would think! onomatopoeia appears a ton throughout the book. a good example of symbolism is kemmerich’s boots, which were passed down to muller and then to paul (pg. 279). the boots represent death, because the man who wears them ends up dying!a metaphor is on pg. 282 by calling tanks “beasts” and “caterpillars.”, pg. 88 says that the men shot their old lives to peices by entering the war.