American civil rights movement statistics. Anybody know any good sites?

I'm writing a history essay titled "How far did the civil rights movement improve the position of African-Americans between 1950-1969?" Having commented on the successes i.e little rock and the bus boycotts I now need to show how more needed to be done. Does anybody know any good sites that have employment statistics for African-Americans from this period and how many were registred to vote etc? Thanks alot.

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  1. usebtar says:

    ” The 1960 report by the Civil Rights Commission made it very plain in clear statistics just how bad discrimination had affected the African American community.: 57% of African American housing was judged to be unacceptable; African American life expectancy was 7 years less than whites; African American infant mortality was twice as great as whites; African Americans found it all but impossible to get mortgages from mortgage lenders.; Property values would drop a great deal if an African American family moved into a neighbourhood that was not a ghetto.”In 1939, black workers made barely more than 40 percent of white workers’ pay. Now the ratio has moved to 65 percent.

  2. reenlarged says:

    Sorry I can’t provide you with a good site for stats,but if you’re truly interested in this subject you should check out a documentary series entited “Eyes on the Prize”.The police violence perpetrated on protesters will blow you away. Also, there’s a great movie, starring the rapper Mos Def, called “Something the Lord Made” which chronicles the institutional racism between the 30′s and the 60′s.

  3. taxiways says:

    No better site then [external link]