Writing essay about secrets?

Ok, I'm writing an essay about whether the keeping secrets brings benefits or not.So I said it doesn't bring any benefits.I'm going thinking about using idea from the book "of mice and man" by John Steinbeck.You know, because Lanny kept secret of killing curly's wife by accident, there has been whole racous and people trying to hunt down Lennie, making things worse.How should I start my introduction? Can you write one for me as an example?

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  1. unrequalified says:

    Are you kidding me?

  2. odyls says:

    You should write the essay more about you but don’t say directly what your personality is like but more like show them with visuals and pictures about your hobbies and such. Don’t write about secrets if you want the admission officer to think of you as a insecure secretive person.