Writing a paper to compare Cinderella to Hamlet’s Ophelia…HELP!?

Hello people, I have to write a thesis based essay due Monday (July 14th) where I basically have to compare/contrast either the story of Hamlet or characters of Hamlet to ANY modern figure. We are to use the topics of: Revenge, Supernatural, Fear,Love, Power, Loss, Parent/Child relationships, or Gov't. For ex: Some chose to compare/contrast Hamlet to Simba with the topic of Revenge. And to explain how both Simba and Hamlet seek revenge from their murderous Uncles.I chose to base my paper on Ophelia & Cinderella with the topic of love and how it differs between the two characters. I chose to write about how much Cinderella and Ophelia believes in love (their perceptions of love from beginning to end), and how love fails Ophelia yet it works for Cinderella.My teacher says that it is a good topic but the thesis has to be deeper and more complex than just Ophelia and Cinderella and how love relates to them both.Question is: How do I make my topic 'deep & complex'?

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  1. fourstrand says:

    Instead of just “love” that works or doesn’t work, expand it to include the circumstances. What are the realities of the relationships? What is Cinderalla’s outlook? What is Ophelia’s? How does Hamlet compare to Cindy’s Prince?And here’s a different road. Compare Cinderella and her waiting for her Prince to the Bachelor or the Bachellorette. Why are we so enamored with the concept of finding true love? Why do we think that we can find it in such a fashion?I hope this helped.