What is a good thesis for a NO school uniform persuasive essay?

just one MAIN sentence.thats all i need :)if you dont know what a thesis statement is: The main idea. It transitions between introductory paragraph (last sentence in intro.) and the first body paragraph. should include the side you are on.

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6 Responses to “What is a good thesis for a NO school uniform persuasive essay?”

  1. janicki says:

    Reductio ad HitlerumIgnoring Godwin’s Law for a momentIt didn’t work well the last time this was tried. That was the 1930s by the Nazis.

  2. inpfile says:

    While there is a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest that school uniforms remove socio-economic stigma and class distinctions, thereby allowing students to focus on learning, there is little empirical evidence to support that contention.

  3. choco says:

    comformity kills the universal right to an individual uniqueness tha we should all be entitled to in life.

  4. oberley says:

    I would really need to know the points your paper is making My brother had to wear a uniform at school that was very costly, so my parents only bought two they were frequently washed and looked worn out plus he still had to buy regular clothes for outside of school time…i dont know if you had considered that but my thesis would be something like “enforcing school uniforms does not enforce equality among students of different socioeconomic statuses

  5. fecks says:

    Enforcing school uniforms will (put in your arguments, i.e. take away students freedom of expression, disrupt students individuality, etc.)

  6. goechem says:

    School uniforms were instituted by the Prussians to get kids used to wearing uniforms and provide cannon fodder for their war machine.I find that persuasive