Quotations about heroism in the Iliad/Odyssey?

Okay I am NOT one of those people who's writing an essay and can't be bothered to do it myself so try and get people on the internet to do all the hard work for me...I am just a little stuck for quotations for an essay that aims to compare the depiction of heroism in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. I have a line of argument and I've got some critics opinions, etc, but I have literally spent the last 2 hours with my head stuck in both books, trying to find some decent, firsthand quotations about the idea of the hero. If anybody has any ideas at all then please post, I'd be very grateful. Anything from either poem about what characters hope to achieve by fighting, about how they feel about fame and being remembered in song, about what motivates them, etc, etc.Thanks!

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    Try using Amazon.com. There’s a feature (right under the book cover) called search-inside-the-book. Just put in a key word and click on search.