How to make my English Essay shorter?

My essays on the computer are about 2,000 words in length, but I somehow need to make them around 1,000, because I need to write them in a 40 minute exam and that's all I can write in the time limit.My problem is, whenever I try to leave things out of my essay, my teacher gives me lower marks and says I have to talk about "so and so", even though I know I wont have time to in an exam. Basically, should I just leave things out, or is there a better option in terms of editing.

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3 Responses to “How to make my English Essay shorter?”

  1. skroz'l says:

    Try and incorporate more than one topic together. for example, if you are talking about writing techniques in a book, choose two to three that cover a wide range of techniques. like adjectives. these incorporate not only the obvious like colours, size etc. but also similies and methaphors

  2. metales says:

    When I was in junior high I had a teacher that assigned an essay with the topic of our choice. Some of the students started grumbling and whining while others buzzed with excitement. Finally someone spoke up and asked “how long does it have to be”? (to this day I still remember her answer and have used it many times through out my life) The teacher said “it has to be like a bikini…long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting”.Good luck

  3. deatils says:

    Try to condense a few sentences into one sentence using commas. Check to see you haven’t repeated the same thing over. Leaving out adjectives and such will also shorten it.