Brave new world thesis statement?

i had to read this book for 10th grade english and now i have to write an essay on this: "The reader evaluates an ending, not by wether it is happy or unhappy, but by wether it is convincing. In other words, he wants the ending to follow logically from the nature of the characters and from the preceding action." write a carfully planned and unified essay in which you consider the ending of a novel in the light of this i have to think of a thesis can u help?

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  1. surpassing says:

    The Pursuit of Truth in the Human Condition.I think if you were gonna critique the ending to Brave New World, you have to look at the motivation of the characters involved. Despite living in a “peaceful” paradise, it is found to be a lie, adn therefore rejected out of hand. The higher force involved here is the pursuit of Truth.Regardless of the consequence, our main character is motivated by the pursuit of truth to the point of leaving his utopia to enter into a world less hospitable, but true and natural.