My research topic for Biology extended essay is good, right? feedback, please?

Hi, i'm writing my extended essay in Biology, attempting to answer the question "how much would it affect an athlete's homeostatic system if they choose to eat the seemingly unfavourable selection of a spicy food before exercising?" .I'm doing an experiment on ten students, five eating one plain slice of bread each, and the other five each eating one slice of bread with ten added drops of tabasco placed randomly. their temperature is taken before and after they eat, and one minute after they've eaten, they will run up and down two flights of stairs five times as fast as they can, and their temperature will be taken again after this question is, what do you think about this topic and my experiment? is it allowed? it's not exactly harming humans, though...please give me as much feedback as you can. i'd really appreciate it.thanks!

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2 Responses to “My research topic for Biology extended essay is good, right? feedback, please?”

  1. beaumier says:

    In the world of Science, all is acceptable, so long as it is used for the greater good. I believe the topic is an interesting one and your experiment is good. But the way you conduct it should be different. You should have them run further, also, observe their appearance, physical stature, and what they look like after the run, along with the temperature. I don’t see a problem with it. The only problem that could occur is if you were trying to stunt them in a competition or if you were trying to harm them with the experiment.

  2. NYTel's says:

    You need control trials to compare your results. It would probably be better if each student underwent the trial TWICE, once with plain and once with Tabasco, so that the results are comparable. Because the spicey trial can be compared with the baseline neutral one within the SAME individual, You will have more meaningful results. It will also prevent possible bias the original setup is susceptible to, such as unintentionally picking 5 super athletic people to do the spicy trial and 5 dopey people to do the neutral.