Have any books been written about ‘Life of Pi’?

I'm wondering if any books, or literary respected Essays (PhD level) essay have been written about this book so that i may use it as a secndary source for the essay. Please do make any suggestions but it would be best if these books were accessible at a library or online database and not something I would have to pay for, nonetheless any books would be good.

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2 Responses to “Have any books been written about ‘Life of Pi’?”

  1. rompish says:

    Sorry don’t know how to answer your question. But did you know that today was Pi-day?3-14…..I just had to say that.

  2. bullfighter says:

    i don’t have an answer for you either – but i had to say that i’m thrilled that someone is focusing on a book worthy of the attention. It’s relatively recent thought – so there might not be much out there. Good luck – if you find anything – let me know – i would love to read it!