Which pieces of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg’s poetry are particularly anti-America, and why?

I'm doing an essay on the negative portrayals of American society in literature and poetry, so I decided to choose Ferlinghetti and Ginsberg on my teacher's advice. I know little to nothing about the poetry of either, so a few pointers to steer me in the correct direction would be extremely handy. Bonus points if anyone knows how they could link to Grapes of Wrath (I am comparing the poetry to the book).

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  1. settergrass says:

    I’m not sure if anything either of them wrote is “Anti-American” – maybe offering a critique of what was current government policy, but that can be viewed as essentially patriotic. Keeping one’s country on the right (moral) track is not a betrayal it’s a duty. Grapes of Wrath was a critique of government policy that brought about changes in American society.See also “How can you keep on Moving” (Ry Cooder does a great version) as a song of the period. Also “For America” by Jackson Brown as a more contemporary version.BTW – “Howl” is still a great poem!