Is my short essay ok on the advantages and disadvantages of being young in 2010?

Is my short essay ok on the advantages and disadvantages of being young in 2010?this is an essay i have to do for school, i had to write the advantages and disadvantages of being young in 2010. Please read it and say how to improve it or if i can add anything to it. If you can think of more advantages and disadvantages please tell me! I was too tired to think of anymore, considering it's quite short it took me ages! Thank you everyoneThe advantages and disadvantages of being young in 2010Many of us think that our parents are too controlling, or think they are not. However we have all had our arguments at least once about wanting to be independent and go out on your own, wanting to do things by yourself, or about being told what to do. However these things may all have different reasons why! Grandparents and parents often say that life today is not as good as when they were young. However there are disadvantages and advantages of being young in 2010. The advantages are that there are more opportunities and clubs to keep children and teenagers busy. Many places have been set up for teenagers so they can have fun and keep busy for example skate parks. There is advanced technology now which means we can get information easily, keep in contact with people and just use computers, phones, iPods etc. for fun. The disadvantages are that there is more crime, however it may be because we hear about it more. This is because there has nearly always been crime. By hearing about it more it raises awareness and parents may be more controlling to try and keep their children safe. This might be why they won’t let you go out by yourself, or stay out too long! Also the advanced technology we have now can also be bad! Sometimes you do not know who you talk to on chat rooms and they could be anyone. Chat rooms are now a trend for teenagers, and so are other social networking sites. However do they really know who they talk to? This may be why your parents might contently tell you not to do this and that, and not to stay on the computer for too long! Also by having all this technology people might use it for many hours which will be bad for their health and fitness. Sitting on the computer too long can damage eyes, affect your posture and causes weight gain which might lead to being overweight. Before technology and computers kids and teenagers would play outside or in their garden; this would have meant they were healthier and more active.

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