What does your father mean to you ? (:?

Well, I have to write an essay on "What my father means to me," and I'm have writers block for some reason.So why not post this Q on Y!A and see what others come up with? I know that it's a personal topic, but nevertheless, I'm stuck and I need ideas.Anybody want to answer the question for me?Serious, in depth answers only please.(: <3

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8 Responses to “What does your father mean to you ? (:?”

  1. kushtia says:

    My fatha means to me that no matter how strong u are u can be as delicate as a flower! he has been tough threw all the bad stuff in my life…thanks dad<33

  2. BRITTANI says:

    My “biological sperm donor” is in prison for an attempted murder charge (intended victim being my mother) and can stay there an rot.However, the man who stepped up when I was 10 and became who I now know as “dad”, is the most honest, hardworking, sweetest man I could ever ask for my mother, or to father my half sister.In your essay, I suggest looking into what it means to be a father. Anyone can have sex with a woman and produce offspring, but it takes a real great man to step into the life of a single mom and take on her kid as your own and become a father.

  3. muscatorium says:

    my dad means the world to me.short and sweet :]

  4. basaltine says:

    Well, my father means a lot to me. He spends his free time with me. He flew to Philippines once, [when I still lived there] because I really missed him. He did a lot of things for me that I didn’t really thank him back then. He’s one of my heroes. You’ll get a lot of ideas, when you think of the good things that your dad did for you or someone else. Like a cop saving people.

  5. speak says:

    my dad is like a teddy bear, when ever i see him he smiles at me with such love.he’s kind, caring ,hardworking for hes family, loveing, warm :) the point is my dad is special hes not like any days.

  6. helvick says:

    My Dad means the world to me.He is a very strong man who worked hard to give me and my Brother a good life.He was always there when we needed him,He is my advice giver,confidant,and Dad.

  7. aidacra says:

    Nothing. My dad is a lazy piece of sh!t. My parents are divorced. Sorry, just answering your question honestly…

  8. nemoral says:

    I personally think my father is stubborn and doesn’t care about me.. but I will still love him. I don’t want to get into detail becausee.. uh ;]]But it’s pretty easy, write how you guys spent time with eachother, how does he make you feel, is he there for you? does he give you advice? Positive things i guess ! Lol