American Civil War?

Okay, so I'm writing an essay on the impact of history of the Civil war on the South.I need two good resources and the ones I'm finding (via google) are total junk.Anyone know of a GOOD reenactment site with a history section in it. Or a GOOD SCV or DCV site that has a "Why we are here today" kind of thing?SCV = Sons of Confederate VeteransDCV = Daughters of Confederate Veterans.

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  1. tota says:

    Try looking for the following to see the impact on the South….carpetbaggers southern reconstructionGood Luck!g-day!

  2. splotches says:

    Here are some good Civil War sites. Look for ones that end in .edu or .gov (not .com) if you want serious historical sites.

  3. neglectedness says:

    Nope, but I could give you a couple of publishers to try:Osprey – They are a good source of information.After the Battle – Looking at re-discovering sites shown in old photographs.However, there are a few areas that you could look at. The most obviouse is during the immediate aftermath, carpetbaggers etc. You might also look at how the black population fared. If you ask a southoner about the war, they will say that it was about state rights, whereas the North might state that it was about slavery. So if the objective was to abolish slavery in instill equality for all, you might tackle the essay from that angle. Personally I don’t think that it was as sucessful as the victors claim and a look at the KKK or Martin Luther might also be advisable.Luck

  4. Clifford says:

    try googling with in the search, it weeds out most of the unreliable sources

  5. zeroeth says:

    I think this is a good site for reenactment. Go to the information section for history. [external link] is the official website of the SCV. If you go to About and scroll down to “What is the SCV” that should give you the info you want. [external link] is the official website for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Click on “About the UDC” and that should also give you what you want. There is also a section on their objectives. [external link] hope this helps. I am not sure what you found at Google.

  6. jaybirds says:

    Why would you think a SCV site is going to give you a good answer to this? Or are you looking for skewed information? There are plenty of real books based on actual data out there.