Beowulf essay.its worth a huge part of my grade please help?

im not interested in anyone writing my essay for me, i just want some ideas and references. the essay is split into three parts each for 100 points1) Define qualities of Beowulf as the Anglo-Saxon ideal of a hero prior to the fight with Grendel2)Define qualities of Beowulf as the Anglo-Saxon ideal of a hero during the fight with grendel3) Define qualities of Beowulf as the Anglo-Saxon ideal of a hero during the quest to dispatch Grendel's motherThank You!

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  1. Garo says:

    Hmmm, I’m not a Beowulf expert but I suggest:For 1) You could write about Beowulf’s humongous ego and how he’s always bragging, very competitive, very self-centered etc, character flawsFor 2) Write about how even though he is egotistical, he is very selfless in journeying to kill Grendel and he fights bravely and gallantlyFor 3) Write about how his battle transformed his character, now that he has fought Grendel, what has changed about him? It seems that he doesn’t think about himself as often and he is wiser and able to accept the inevitable (death)Not the best answer but I tried, hope I helped