Citing an online source in an essay? (MLB Style)?

I am currently finishing up my essay but I cant seem to remember how to cite an online source in a parenthetical notation. I know when you site a book you put the author's last name and page number in the parenthesis, but on an online source you have neither of those. I know how to write it out on the works cited page, but Im uncertain how to write it in the parenthetical in the actual paper. This has to be in MLB format. In case that is confusing Ill show what I mean:"This is a quote" (what do I put here for online source?).Thanks. :]

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  1. Dendroica says:

    there should be some author on the web page. and if their isnt you should find out if the website is actually reliable. but other that than u do this”this is a quote ( last name if u have it, # of which it appears in the works cited).” is that confusing?