i dont know how to tie in the theme of the loss of innocence and the ending of a childhood. i cant seem to make the essay flow at all.if someone could just help me write my introduction paragraph, plaese!?!? i REALLY need to have this done! please help me!

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  1. deontologist says:

    This should be easy > relate to how you went from playing with dolls, & doing girly things, to hearing or knowing about girls getting pregnant in the 8th grade. How drugs & alcohol are now a part of parties for kids as young as 14. How you’re constantly bombarded with messages from TV programs like MTV about having sex before marriage. How peer pressures to smoke cigarettes & weed are all around you. How society wants you to dress with certain name brands like Hollister. You can do this>> you’re living a part of it right now. Write from your feelings.

  2. Funje says:

    Talk about childhood, what that’s like, and what changes to make one think it’s over. Is this supposed to be about personal experience? If it is, can you think of a particular event that changed things for you?