What situations led to reconstitution in 1787? Which states cast the closest votes for ratification and what aspects of the new government did James Madison promote in Federalist 10 and 54? How did the nation expand after 1800 and what changes affected this growth after the War of 1812 (mention two)? How did political parties develop from the 1790s through the 1850s? What problems emerged over territorial acquisitions and new states from 1820 through 1854, and what key issue emerged during the "Debate on Hale’s bill"? When and why did southern states begin to secede from the Union? Based on his "Letter to Horace Greeley" and "Gettysburg Address" do you think Abraham Lincoln should be considered the Great Emancipator? Why?-Can anyone please attempt to answer these questions?

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    So,Have you not paid attention at all in your class? You should get out your history book and do your own homework. Or in the very least google your answer.It is a lot easier for people to respectfully answer a question from someone who at least puts some effort into doing their own work.