How do i get rid of the words in my essay?

I can not use "to be" verbs. What words can replace them?For example:The use of archetypical heroes "was" imperative.What words can I use?

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2 Responses to “How do i get rid of the words in my essay?”

  1. phantomic says:

    “The use of archetypical heroes had an imperative quality to its general idea.”?idk.archetypes = silly

  2. befoul says:

    The trick is to change your nouns/subjects. Here’s a rewrite of your sentence although I’m not sure if this particular line fits your essay exactly. You are having trouble because once you use a subject like USE, verbs other than the verb to be don’t seem to fit. Figure out a relevant but related subject. For ex:Writers littered their sagas with archetypical heros.Think of the voice you’re using. Passive voice begs for the verb TO BE. The active voice has many more possibilities regarding verb choice.If you add variety to the subject of each sentence, appropriate verbs should fall into place. Your exercise should help you figure out saying something in different, more colorful, ways. Yes, focus on the subject of the sentence and see if the subject doesn’t suggest a verb.