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Okay so im doing an essay for ap history. And its suppose to compare the discussions of our founding fathers on foreign affairs with todays issues on foreign affairs.(oh and im comparing what washington said in his farewell address on foreign affairs) So i wrote my introduction.. do you think its any good? What suggestions to you have for me?Here it is:Foreign affairs has been the reason the US has been involved in WW1,WW2, and the recent war in Iraq. The Founding Fathers had many controversial discussions and opinions on foreign affairs, but one opinion that should be considered by the US is Washingtons in his Farewell Address. The key point was staying neutral and as far away from the other countries disputes as possible. Well we have been doing the opposite. Today we still get involved in problems that aren't ours to begin with. The US has been involved financially and militarily in every conflict around the world. Does any stop and think, Was Washington view on foreign affairs right?

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