How long should the summary in my essay be?

Im writing a book report/essay of A Clockwork Orange and I need to know how long the summary in the intro. paragraph usually is. I've redone it about 15 times because it has been to long. I think I've gotten it NOW, but it still might be to long.How long is a summary of a book in a book report essay usually ? She just likes the summaries to be nice and short, very simple. But its so hard for me to keep them short without leaving anything out!thanks everyone =)

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2 Responses to “How long should the summary in my essay be?”

  1. rifest says:

    If its an essay then 4-5 Paragraphs (6 sentences)So 3 paraghs about the book different details then the fourth a wrap up of the whole book. So I’d say 6 sentences at the least.

  2. Alpen says:

    If your teacher likes them to be short and concise then you should make your intro paragraph short and concise. The length of the summary doesn’t matter all that much although I probably wouldn’t go over 3/4 of a page. Re-read the summary and see if there is anything you can say using fewer words. Often times I find that the way I write something doesn’t make much since and I can use fewer words to say the same thing. Also, you don’t need to include every small detail; just the main points. Your teacher has already read the book; she knows what it’s about so your summary doesn’t need to be too plot heavy.