Can someone do this for me? get me an A and i will give you a favor in return!?

just type up all the info please Part I. Read!Read the selection from Aristotle’s Poetics. Take your time—it is imperative that you interpret his theory on tragedy accurately. I suggest you take some notes on the handout, or at least highlight the parts you feel are most important.Part II. Write the Research Paper!You are to write a mini research paper drawing parallels between Aristotle’s discussion of the elements of tragedy and Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. How is Aristotle’s discussion of tragedy depicted in Shakespeare’s play? If you feel there are also significant differences, you are free to discuss those in your paper as well. Like all papers, your paper should have a clear thesis statement in the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You may use direct quotations from either source, but you will need to put the authors name and the page number in parentheses. So for example, after a quote from Poetics I would write (Aristotle 76). Or, if quoting Shakespeare, I would write (Shakespeare 789) after the quotation marks. This is new to you, so please, work on it early and ask me for help.Your paper must be typed in MLA format and have a complete heading. Don’t mess this up—I intend to use my ruler! Part III. Access the Internet!You will need to look over the essays listed in the table of contents of the web source listed below. Choose an essay, read it, write a paragraph summary of the writer’s main points in MLA format and include a citation for it on your Works Cited. The URL you will need to type in is: [external link] IV. Works Cited!You WILL write a complete and accurate Works Cited! Include these entries:• Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet (everyone uses the version from the textbook for this entry)• Aristotle’s Poetics (see handout for publication information)• The essay you choose from the online source listed above (again, please see the handout)The Works Cited should have only your last name and the page number, no heading. Generally, the Works Cited is the last page in a research paper; so, if your research paper and summary together are 3 pages, your Works Cited would be page 4.

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    i think we need to discuss this favor first..

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    Yeah… you wish mate

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    Get your own “A”

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    just tell the teacher your dog ate your homework.

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    Don’t be so lazy

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    For this, the favor had better start with “$” and end with at least three zeroes before the decimal point. That’s not exorbitant — I have a Ph.D. Payment in full in advance. Cash. Legal U.S. tender.No guarantees. If your teacher gives it a B, I will not refund your money. I cannot be held responsible if your teacher cannot recognize a good paper.