Help changing helping verb + action verb into only action verbs or linking verbs?

For a Romeo and Juliet essay for English, my teacher wants us to change sentences like...The type of audiences that William Shakespeare's plays would attract were typically lower class.Instead...change "would attract" to attracted. I have changed most of mine, but I need help with the few I have left. So please tell me what I need to change in the verbs to follow my teacher's guidelines. Thanks for your help.1. ...MIGHT NOT BE the most ideal play to see specifically for entertainment.2. And in its place, a funeral where she IS PUT into the Capulet burial chamber. 3. Wealth’s role in the play IS PERCIEVABLE as either a crucial protagonist or antagonist, depending on the way one looks at it.4. ...the history of literature COULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED greatly

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    1. IS PERHAPS not the most ideal play2. And in its place, a funeral where THEY PLACE her in the…3. WE PERCEIVE wealth’s role in the play as either a…4. The possibility of change in the history of literature was great. (this last one is the hardest because the mood of the sentence does not lend itself easily to change without major rewriting)