A Description of an Evil monster of a man?

Yet again, this is not for an assignment or essay; for pure leisure. Sometimes, I love to read these kinds of writing imagining what it would be like to defeat my own monsters from my own land. As long and detailed as it can get. The best answer will go for the best vocabulary/quantity/quality.

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  1. terracette says:

    He smoothed back his greasy black hair, and laughed. Carefully the man walked foward towards him, staring at the floor, eyes wide in fear. “What do you want?” The voice was cold and cruel. His face showed no emotion at all, it was just a ghostly white mask. “N-nothin’. Really. I didn’t want to cause any-” The man visibly shook in his shoes, his voice weak and trembling, “-Trouble. Well, I’m afraid you did. So…” For a moment, the man smiled, a proper smile, a happy smile, it flickered for a few seconds, then disappeared. Without another word, he flicked his hand towards the marble steps, and turned his back dismissively. His hands were thin, with pianist fingers, delicate and bony. Underneath a smart, tailor-made suit, his body was skeletal and thin. His nose was hooked and grecian, his eyes a cold, merciless grey. The man paced up and down slowly, deep in thought, his eyes flickering back and forth between the winter sky through the window, and the cold stone floor.For me a monster of a man is not purely evil, but someone who has human moments but can still kill/do whatever monsters do to people.