How to get along with friendship?

how get along with other people specially if they are your friends! and how to say bye to a friendship)! means friendship is no more enjoyable(that's why we make friends) and only give the pain in*** .i really need some updated essay on friendship of nowdays!

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4 Responses to “How to get along with friendship?”

  1. Abkhasian says:

    ignore them.or try to get them to not like you anymore. or try to get them to find YOU boring and theyll go away on their own.also, make plans with them constantly, and then cancel like the night before each time.

  2. grapline says:

    Please Do not hurt anyone in friendship. If you want to break your friendship for one or more reason then do not do it immediately.Take time…Develop distance from him/her step by step so that he can understand himself that you do not want his friendship anymore.By the way ,Life is to Give not to take.And in friendship one should accept both positive and negative points of each other

  3. exhibitionize says:

    When you feel the pain recognize that this is trying to tell you something.Time to move on.Love and blessings don

  4. dataxor says:

    Have blind faith in your friend & never ever doubt in his/her integrity.