Teens: I need your help, please?

The essay is about how the role of memory is a major component of self identity in the novel, Night by Elie Wiesel, as well as its greater role in humanity.MY Thesis Statement is:Memory formulates the foundation of self identity and can alter society's mindset on humanity.Topic Sentence #1: The role of memory eminently benefits as the foundation of self identity in a way that can change one's views on humanity.Topic Sentence #2: The horrors and scars that permanently adhere to memory emphatically impacts one's self identity.Thank you (: I asked this in the Homework Help and only got spam answers :(

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    I HAD TO DO THAT IT SUCKED QLBAHGXNWKYPM. That sounds like a good start! Remember to use examples from the book. For the 1st topic sentence I’d write something about his mother, father, and little sister, and about the ghetto, and what he was doing before they took him & his family.For the 2nd topic mention what it was like in the concentration camps, how they were treated, what hell he went through there. You can come up with at least 5-6 paragraphs for this book, it’s jam-packed with meaning and memory. xxx

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