How do you start off a essay when the topic is ” show and tell” * details*?

i have to write an essay on something like meaningful object to me were not actually bringing it in we just have to write about it but i don't know how to start it off and the thing is a necklace my grandma gave to me

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3 Responses to “How do you start off a essay when the topic is ” show and tell” * details*?”

  1. Colchis says:

    myabe start with quoting what she said to you when she gave it to you? Or if she didn’t then what was said by whoever when you were given it?

  2. sideburn's says:

    you always start an essay with an introduction paragraph that includes opening sentences and a thesis. your thesis would be something like: “One item that I hold close to my heart is the necklace my grandmother gave me.” some opening sentences could be about other items you like but later tell why they aren’t as important as your grandmother’s necklace

  3. sorbian says:

    It’d help if we knew how many paragraphs you had to do. But here:For my show and tell object is a necklace my grandma gave me. This necklace is meaningful to me beacuse…..