WHAT Do You ThinK!%@$@%@’@'!?

Do u think that white people are trying to connect there selfs to Egypt. I was on the National Geographic website and they had this thing where they tried to show us what they though KIng tut looked like. In the past the made a black king Tut " [external link] … but now all of a sudden he looks like this " [external link] … what was wrong with the other picture?

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3 Responses to “WHAT Do You ThinK!%@$@%@’@'!?”

  1. kalimbas says:

    They’ve been doing this for years, the researchers are probably descended from the same people that thought Elizabeth Taylor was a good person to cast in the role of Cleopatra.

  2. krefcom says:

    I’m white. Why do you think we all think alike? Are you really that much of a racist bigot?

  3. Phyllium says:

    Judging by the way you phrase your question (and your inference), you come across condescending, even arrogant. Almost like you’re saying that YOU KNOW the true history and that TRUE HISTORY is that WHITE PEOPLE are descendants of BLACKS….and WHITE people are in FEAR of that FACT. And that’s why the WHITES want everyone to think Egyptians were mostly WHITE.If my interpretation of your question is accurate, and ASSUMING you know & are stating the FACTS, WHY would WHITE people FEAR that information? Again, if it’s true.Maybe YOU FEEL that the BLACK race IS SUPERIOR and that White people are AFRAID of this FACT, and THAT’S WHY WHITES want to oppress the Blacks….for fear that the BLACK race could someday DOMINATE all the WHITES?Guess who’s a racist, now?BTW: the fact that you label Blacks as African Americans and NOT just Americans, implies a wish to DIFFERENTIATE blacks from whites. How can a country achieve UNITY, when one faction of its population is SO FOCUSED on DIVERSITY?