Can anyone help me form an essay question?

I am doing an English Language assignment on Language and Gender but I am having trouble forming and essay question that is different.Some examples of ones that have already been done are:-Who is better at giving directions, men or women?-Who is better at describing pictures?-Who is more polite, men or women?

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  1. insaner says:

    When I was doing my degree I did an essay about the use of requests and demands – it was based around children, siblings specifically, but could be adapted to be about men and women if you like, e.g. Which gender makes more requests and which makes more demands?You could also do one about turn-taking and use of interruptions – this could be an interesting one when comparing men and women!

  2. homicides says:

    What you have sounds good so far. Hmmm…Who is better at sports? (Lol)Who is more productive in an hour? (I think this is a good one)Good Luck!

  3. biod says:

    Instead of who? what about Why are men and women different?How, When

  4. sweety says:

    Are men or women better at describing painwho is better at describing most precisely what they want when purchasing something (for example, a car – which I picked because it is what both sexes need but may have different aims when purchasing one)When I was at school, we had to describe something and get someone else to draw it – but they could only draw what was said. It was an interesting thing to do. We were told to describe dragons, but the artists were not told they were dragons – we got some very strange animals! I am not sure it is describing a picture, but you could be able to do an essay around this!Memory – who is better is remembering 10 items on a tray, and for how long?

  5. unblamably says:

    Who talks more, men or women?Who says more important things, men or women?Who gossips more, men or women?Who cares for children more, men or women?Who makes more money, men or women?Who are better workers, men or women?Who are better drivers, men or women?Who is better dressed, men or women?Who is sexier, men or women?Who is lazier, men or women?Who is better at doing puzzles, men or women?Who is better at cooking, men or women?