What should I do: Teacher Trouble?

So a few days ago I emailed my assignment to my teacher and today DURING class in front of about 30 students my Teacher was giving everyone their marks back, and all of a sudden she accused me of deliberately sending her an unopenable file, while she also called me a liar, insulted my intelligence, and gave me a zero for my essay.What should i do?

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4 Responses to “What should I do: Teacher Trouble?”

  1. caucaso says:

    Technology has its drawbacks. Go and see the principal and see what he can do.

  2. collocated says:

    The file may have actually been inaccessible for her if for example, you use a different software to write yours in. However, it’s unlikely it was really inaccessible because most word processing softwares will open others, they’ll just have limited showings of the features of the opposite software. Could you do a screen shot of the email you send her, to prove you did send the email through as an attachment?If you can, always hand-in paper copies, technology does occasionally go wrong. You should have a chat with your year head, see if you can hand a paper-copy of the assignment in and have it still graded fairly.

  3. alden's says:

    Go tell the principal and see what they can do.

  4. cardiatrophia says:

    Ask her “why would I purposely give you an assignment that I worked so hard for and make it un-operable? I don’t play around with my schoolwork like that