Is it Getting Harder to be Nice?

I found a set of keys outside my favourite coffee shop this morning when I went to get my skinny hot chocolate. While the barista made my morning fix I asked her if anyone had been in and asked if a set of key had been handed in . No one had and then we noticed an address on the keytag which was just around the corner so doing what I thought was the right thing I went and dropped the set of keys in the letterbox (after knocking on the front door first to see if anyone was home). Fast forward an hour or so later, I was back home and there was a knock on the door, the owner of the keys had been in to the coffee shop and the barista had told her that I had found the keys ( I go to this coffee shop a lot, am on first name terms with the barista and live right across the road). I told the owner that I'd dropped the keys in the letterbox and proceeded to get an earful as her letterbox was locked and the one and only key was on that set of keys, no thankyou for going out of my way to return them, just unpleasantness. Now things like this seem to be happening to me on a regular basis in the last couple of years. It will in no way stop me from helping others but it has left me with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. So to wind this up before it becomes an essay,do people still appreciate small kindnesses ? Should I have just left the keys where they were and hoped that the owner would eventually find them ?

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2 Responses to “Is it Getting Harder to be Nice?”

  1. advaces says:

    What you did was very thought full , and for the most part , people do appreciate the kindness of others, there are just a few out there who have forgotten their own niceness.Don’t let their bitterness rub off on you.

  2. hists says:

    a lot of people still do appreciate small acts of generosity, what you did was very nice. however, the population of smarta*ses and shallow/selfish idiots in the world is steadily growing, and assimilating new people every day (and it seems to include the owner of said keys).if you left her keys where they were she probably wouldn’t have found them at all.