How to write a personal essay?

im applying to Belmont University, i have around a 3.2 gpa and a 21 on my act which is below average for them, so i need a really good essay. im actually a good writer, but when it comes to expressing how i really feel i dont think writing it out is doing it justice. i love Nashville and Country music and i need to write an essay on how country music changed my life..and yes it has dearly

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  1. gemstone says:

    First you should make an outline on how you got into country, how it impacted you, etc. just think of your own categories. Then you can do those steps.What I like to do is just write everything I can and go back and delete parts and make it a great paper. It all depends on you, try to show a lot of personality and make sure to connect it to personal aspects and adventures it sent you on.

  2. amylic says:

    Then write about Nashville and Country music. First write about when you started learning it and who was it that influenced you to do so, then write about an experience with those two things that changed your course of life.