Any Hollywood film/movies about pornography?

I'm doing an essay, an a topic I choose was Internet pornography, and the problems it brings in us, marrage, and society. Does anyone know of any Hollywood films /movies that capture or show issues of pornography?Thanks for the help.

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  1. blacktree says:

    Here are a couple mainstream Hollywood films that are about pornography:HardcoreBoogie Nights

  2. limonene says:


  3. effemination says:

    boogie nights

  4. droopys says:

    Boogie nightszak and miri make a pornothe girl next door

  5. ergot says:

    Internet pornography is a world away from traditional pornography.Traditional pornography relied on luring wannabe stars into performing pornographic acts on film. Because back then only a few companies could afford the costs of duplicating videos/DVDs, advertising, etc..The Internet changed pornography. People don’t have to buy porn from seedy sex shops or mail-order video any more. The porn industry is collapsing because of the Internet. Sex is really easy to film, and there are thousands of people providing self-filmed porn over the Internet either for a small fee or for free. Traditional porn studios have overheads and payouts to the people involved, and that costs money.When the Internet is full of people making the same material in their homes and distributing it free for personal pleasure, it’s virtually impossible for an old-style film industry to stay profitable.