Self-sacrifice in Romeo and Juliet..?

I need to do an Essay on Romeo and Juliet and I have chosen my theme to be Self-sacrifice... But I'm finding it hard to choose my two key points...?I know that Romeo and Juliet both sacrifice themselves for each other, but what is another? (I need two)How is it shown in the Play?Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Self-sacrifice in Romeo and Juliet..?”

  1. Gymnothorax says:

    The very act of Romeo and Juliet’s love affair is an example of them sacrificing their virtue to sin and damning their souls for all eternity. Remember, premarital sex is very un-Christian.

  2. aubrietia says:

    For goodness sake … READ THE PLAY. For Starters: ….what about the sacrifices the ‘gangs’ are prepared to make for eachother and for their honour.How about looking at the religious imagery of sacrifice in the play?

  3. reintercede says:

    MORCUTIO, PROBABLY SPELL WRONG Romeo’s cousin, took a sword for Romeo can u use the Reverend who married themcan’t remember any one else , studied the novel some 20 years ago