How do I say this in spanish?

Hi,I am doing a food pyramid project for spanish. I already did my food pyramid and now I have to write an essay on it. The first question says:Foods good for your health and how many serving's a day you should eat it.I don't know how to say that apples, lettuce, carrots, bannanas, and grapes are good for your health and you should have 6 to 11 serving's a day.Like, i know that the begging should be:Comer manzana, lechuga, zanahorias, platano, y uva malo para la salud. But, I don't know how to say you should have them 6 to 11 times a day.Please, help me?Thanks soo much=)

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5 Responses to “How do I say this in spanish?”

  1. unsubjugate says:

    Actually bien means good and malo means bad.y usted debe tener seis a once porciones un día

  2. Alonsoa says:

    go to and look on the upper right corner..translate english to spanish

  3. somnambulancy says:

    Debes comerlos 6 a 11 veces al dia.

  4. gralloch says:

    Comer manzana, lechuga, zanahorias, platano, y uva es bueno para la salud. Deber de tener seis o siete raciones al dia

  5. exampled says:

    Las comidas buenas son manzanas, lechugas, zanahorias platano, y uvas. Deben comer al menos seis hasta once porciones diarias de estas vegetales. (Literally: You should eat six or up to eleven daily portions of these foods)(Note: bueno = good, malo = bad)