Another way of saying this word please help?

I have to do a report on Down Syndrome and I found in fo and I want to put it into my essay but the word they say is Mental retardation?I think it is kinda rude and my be offending to some people in my class so if there is another way to say that I would love to know thanks.(NO NEGATIVE ANSWERS)

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7 Responses to “Another way of saying this word please help?”

  1. esophagoscope says:

    developmentally disabled or developmentally impaired

  2. impleach says:

    any of these will workmentaly disabeled mentally handicapeddevelopmentally impairedLimited mental abilityIntellectual weakness

  3. forride says:

    Mental Retardation is used in the USA but not in the UK, where we use the term learning disabilities.

  4. ultramodernist says:

    a mental (or cognitive) disorder.

  5. blooming says:

    developmental delaycognitive delay

  6. interdiffusive says:

    Below averageLow IQLimited mental abilityIntellectual weakness

  7. friday's says:

    How about mentally handicapped?