Can anyone help me with starting this essay?

i don't know how to start my compare and contrast essay for this topic: compare and contrast dating in the 1920s and today.i know have to write a grabber, then topic sentence and etc. but how do i led it into my thesis statement

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  1. subpenaing says:

    Use parallelism

  2. escolha says:

    well ,you can bring in technology..there were no cell phones and face books…ahh..start like this The era when internet ,face books ,cell phones were never heard of….

  3. machineless says:

    in the 1920′s ….. lol i dont know

  4. bentwood says:

    This century is very different from back in the 1920′s. Back then, they had cars that were powered by horse and a bottle of pop cost 10 cents. Now, we have cars run by motor, some by electricity and some by solar. Our econimy is low, so our soda pop is $1.50. hope this helps!

  5. invidiously says:

    You can start it like this, First paragraph wirte some stuff about general love like:”Human nature is always fond of love, from Adam till now humans have always been very keen towards opposite sex. Throughout history there have been remarkable examples of love, It started with Adam and Eve and still we find great examples of romeo and Juliett, Samson and Delilah and the list goes on. Lovers are ready to die for each-other. Love gives colour to human life…..bla bla.”Second Paragraph come to the original topic”21st Century dramatically changed human life, during which there have been remarkable progress, automobiles, computers, cell phones and technology innovations cinema, settlite have put greatly impact how man lives his life. During the later half the inovations have been so rapid that changed human life forever. These advancements have also reflected its after effects upon how man loves. Following paragraphs compare how man use to date earlier in the 21st Century and Modering dating …..”and then write the actual topicConclude at the endSorry for my bad English

  6. brl-svc says:

    in what context is this question? i mean, the subject…eg: english, phsycology, history? and do you have any quotes – eg, a poem that describes 1920′s dating or a statement by a famous historical figure or historian that describes it. if so start with that, and end by linking it to the question. it should only by about 4 lines (typed) long.

  7. endarterium says:

    A question, maybe?or a something about a flapper?