Essay final copy. is it good?

I am in the seventh grade and i had to interview one of my classmates and make it into an ( short ) essay. here it is. grade from 1-10 please! Carl’s Fun, Interesting Life Do you know any one who has a fun, interesting life? Well, if you don’t now you will. That person with and interesting life is actually one of our very own classmates and his name is Carl _____. Carl was born on February 12th, 1996 in ______ New Jersey. He lives with his parents and his two older brothers, Vin and Nick. Carl is a really active person. He would prefer to be outside, other than inside, so he’d be able to play his favorite sports like soccer or baseball. Besides being outside, he enjoys to play the drums. He likes to play the drums because it really relaxes him. The movie, Miracle, is his favorite movie because of the acting and the storyline. That 70's Show is what he chose as his favorite television show because of how hysterical it is. Lord of the Flies is his choice of his favorite book. He chose that book as his favorite because he likes the fact that the kids, in the book, are stranded on an island alone, without any adults. He also likes listening to rock music. The Beatles and Guns and Roses are his two favored bands. From playing sports to playing the drums I would think that Carl has a very interesting and fun life. I hope you see the fun part of our classmate, Carl’s, life.

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