Need help with essay title about tattoos?

i need a creative title for an essay about whether the idea of getting a tattoo is good or not.

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2 Responses to “Need help with essay title about tattoos?”

  1. courtesied says:

    To Ink or Not to Ink

  2. xerophytic says:

    Everyone has there own,different opinion on this.I have 4 myself and I only regret 2 of them.1 being a name,and the other is on my wrist.Going into a very professional career soon this may pose a problem for me.Tattoo names of people who are not your blood kin are a bad idea in my opinion.I guess too it all depends on where the tattoo is on your body and what the tattoo is about.I am also concerned about what my tattoes will look like if I live to be an old age.I am not considering getting anymore,and I may have 1 or 2 or all removed one day who knows.Right now I love the one on the left side if my stomache and the one on my lower back.This is just 1 tattooed girls opinion:)