What is a good introduction i can use for this topic….?

Please help me with an introduction for this argumentative essay!Co-education is the better option when it comes to choosing between separate schools for boys and girls or one school for both.Thankyou!

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2 Responses to “What is a good introduction i can use for this topic….?”

  1. dopester says:

    The education of divided boys and girls

  2. Castilloa says:

    I would just go with a brief explination of your position on the topic of Co-education. Be very brief and put in your major points. Then in the body, after the intro, explain in detail the points and the evidence and opinions and sources. Then for the closing, recap what you said in your intro paragraph. This is how my business college classes tell me how to write persuasive papers to comittees so that I can convince them of my views.