ROMEO AND JULIET. Topic sentences about FATE? HELP?

I really need help to think of 3 more topic sentences. FOR ROMEO AND JULIETThe main argument is "Romeo and Juliet are referred to as "star-crossed lovers". Discuss the role of fate in determining the tragic ending play. I could really use some topic sentences that agree with this statement. Thanks its for an essay.

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    Hello…Romeo And Juliet- FateThe events of Romeo and Juliet are heavily influenced by fate, as oppose to the actions of the characters. To be precise, occurrences in the play are not always as a result of conscience choices that characters make. Rather, chance occurrences (or predestination, depending on one’s opinion) cause events to take place; these events seriously alter the course of the play. Fate affects us all every single day, but the sheer number of occurrences related to fate, as well as the powerful affect these events have on the plot creates a specific connection between the play of Romeo and Juliet and fate.Shakespeare makes it very clear to us that Romeo and Juliet are subject to fate. Before the play even begins, Shakespeare outlines the play for us in the prologue. The prologue summarizes the plot, this seems odd, but this was because Shakespeare’s audience was already familiar with the story and the play was a portrayal of the well-known story. Importantly, Shakespeare establishes immediately…You can get more info here: